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Founded in 2002 by engineers coming from the chemical industry, Processium is an independent company employing about forty collaborators and specialized in design, development and optimisation of processes for chemical and biotechnological industries. Processium provides services for the biggest industrial companies and also supports the industrialisation of projects coming from innovative start-up.

Processium is located on the scientific campus of Lyon (Rhone Valley, France) and is surrounded by some of the best research laboratories with which Processium collaborates regularly.

Processium has high-level team of experts, laboratories dedicated to analysis, measurements and laboratory scale pilot units. Processium participates actively, in particular within the framework of collaborative research projects, in miscellaneous European technical and business clusters and associations.

Processium has created in 2014 a subsidiary located on the scientific campus of Unicamp (São Paulo State, Brazil), and strengthens its commercial presence worldwide. This development comes along with Processium new premises which locate in the same place its team of experts and enhance its technical means with, in particular, a new technological and demonstration hall which allow Processium to validate experimentally the processes, to produce samples and to accommodate the pilots of its customers.

A team dedicated to your project

Project Team


Intellectual Property

Project execution procedures

Our Ressources

Laboratory dedicated to products
To analyse and measure physico-chemical characteristics of your products
Laboratory dedicated to processes
To validate experimentally the scale-up of your process and to produce first samples
Experts in analysis and physico-chemical measurement
To develop analytical procedure, predictive thermodynamic models, kinetics
Scientific computing
To manage and to capitalise databases, to support experts, to define design of experiments
Experts in process engineering
To develop the best process solution for your project, to validate and support your scale-up


m2 of laboratory
% of Export Turnover
Customers projects led to industrialisation
% of turnover dedicated to R&D

Processium News

Case study: Measurements of density, heat capacity, viscosity and thermal conductivity on heat transfer fluids up to 250°C
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Our customer wishes to characterize thermophysical properties (heat capacity, vapour pressure, viscosity, density, thermal conductivity,
Case study: Deactivation test on catalysts
PROJECT DESCRIPTION Our customer wishes to know the kinetic of deactivation of its catalyst under industrial conditions in order to adapt the sizing of corre...
Case study: Debottlenecking of batch process
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Client produces ester in a batch process (reaction + distillation column). Processium services were requested to enhance unit producti...
Case study: Odour removal
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Client uses distillation to purify an added value product. One of the impurity is an odorous molecule that causes two limitations: th...
Case study: Challenging a newly developed process
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Client has developed a new process to treat a waste stream: possible unit operations are chosen, theoretical mass and thermal balance
Case study: Ethanol purification process
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Client is a specialist of natural ingredients extracted from biomass and dedicated to cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. The sol

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