You have the products, Processium knows how to analyse them. In its laboratories, Processium is able to develop reliable analysis methodologies like for example:

  • To identify and to quantify trace products (below 100 ppb),
  • To quantify pollutants in a gas like propellant,
  • to deal with unstable products like peroxides,
  • To quantify VOC or toxic products in a workshop,
  • To identify and quantify volatile products issued from a unexpected reaction into a newly developed process,
  • To quantify gases and gas-liquid mixtures under pressure (up to 100 bars).

Processium also supports the development of quality control procedure by the implementation of analytical procedures that provides reproducible results.

Our Key Elements of Success



Our own laboratory and qualified team



Development of reliable analytical procedures

Our Equipment

ionic chromatography

 Ionic Chromatography

chromatography high pressure

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

chromatographie gazeuse

Gas chromatography

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