The Client develops specialised raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries such as lipidic excipients. A neutral basis is produced from oil and from additives thanks to a transesterification reaction. This neutral basis is conditioned in the form of capsules. However, one of the residual additives reacts with the envelope of the capsule and damages its mechanical properties.

Thus the Client wishes to reduce the content of this residual additive from 30 % to 5 %. Processium was in charge of the process technical feasibility study to eliminate the additive.


The methodology developed by Processium was based on:

  • Process synthesis to propose processes able to purify the neutral basis.
  • Identification of solvents able to extract the additive.
  • Sizing of the best process.
  • Laboratory and pilot scale validation of process sizing.
  • Production of samples.


A process flowsheet of the industrial scale unit was proposed, as well as hypothesis to reduce the energy costs.

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