For a biotechnology company, Processium designed and developed a sustainable process to separate and purify a molecule produced by fermentation. Processium committed to execute its development within a very short period of time.

The development of this process was intended to maximise the productivity of the molecule while ensuring high product quality and purity.


This project was full of technical challenges:

  • Undefined physical and chemical data.
  • Complex rheology of the product.
  • Client request not to use organic solvents.


Processium carried out a complete process development study starting from the definition of process specifications to issue of the process book:

  • Measurement and analysis of key data (physical properties and thermodynamic parameters).
  • Research of sustainable process technologies on the basis of the state of the art, our know-how and lab scale experiments.
  • Design and scale-up of the process.
  • Process validation at both the laboratory and pilot-plant scale.
  • Preparation of the process book (containing the essential technical information and know-how acquired during the development phase).
  • Assistance and support during the construction and start-up of the pilot plant.


T0: Our teams start working on the project.

T0 + 4 months: Four potential process solutions defined and a technical and economic comparison of the processes conducted.

T0 + 6 months: Process validation in our lab and production of the first kilogram of product.

Objective T0 + 2 years: Start-up of the unit

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