Our client wishes to anticipate the DSP design studies by developing it in same time than the development of the strain used in the fermentation process. This methodology has allowed the customer to build its pilot plant and start the first pilot scale production right after the end of strain optimization.


The technical challenge of this project was to start in the very early stages of the project: the study was realized before the achievement of the performances targeted in fermentation. Some parameters are unknown (impurities profile, concentration of main product, targeted industrial capacity, etc.).


Processium conducted the complete study from the identification of the technologies right up to the start-up of the industrial unit:

  • Search of technological solutions: design and comparison of processes
  • Development of the specifications of an absorption solvent
  • Measurements and analyses of key properties: physical and thermodynamic ones
  • Calculation of mass and energy balances, sensitivity study on the entrance composition
  • Pilot design: writing of the Process Book, support for the construction and the start-up of the pilot


Thanks to this study, pilot definition and construction was conducted together with the development of the strain able to reach the performances targeted during fermentation. The complete process was able to be started as soon as these performances were reached.

T0: Processium teams begin to work on the project

T0 + 12 months: The process is designed and pre-sized on the basis of the hypotheses targeted
T0 + 24 months: Consultation for pilot construction

T0 + 32 months: Achievement of the performances targeted in fermentation

T0 + 48 months: Start-up of the industrial pilot

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