On behalf of a biotech Company active on micro-algae fermentation technology, Processium designed and developed a separation and purification process for a molecule of interest dedicated to nutraceutical markets.

This process shall be sufficient to meet very strict purity specifications (purity>99%) while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX.


The technical challenges of this project were:

  • The targeted molecule is in intra cellular into the micro-algae.
  • Thermal sensitivity of the targeted molecule.
  • Specific behavior of micro-algae during collecting: high viscosity of concentrated micro-algae.


Processium carried out this study starting from the definition of project specifications to the design corresponding process:

  • Definition of specifications.
  • Full study of technological solutions for the different steps of the process:
    • Collection of micro-algae.
    • Biomass drying process.
    • Micro-algae cells lysis.
    • Purification of the product of interest.
  • Two processes complying with the above specifications and not covered by a patent were selected.
  • Designed of two industrial processes and comparative economic study.


T0: Our team starts working on the project.

T0 + 4 months: Design of two processes that our client used as reference for the industrialization of the final process.

T0 + 5 months: Issue sizing and cost estimating of processes for the selection of the final process.

T0 + 9 months: Validation of the selected process in our labs.

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