The Client is producing renewable oil for 2G fuels using sugar as raw material. Processium assisted the client in designing the desired process to the industrial scale with the objective of maximizing the yield in the extraction step while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX.


The technical challenges in this project were:

  • Target product molecule contained inside the microorganism?
  • Non existing physic-chemical data,
  • Undefined extraction solvent.


Processium carried out a complete process development study starting from the development of the design basis to the issue of the process book of this extraction unit:

  • Measurement and analysis of key data (physical properties and thermodynamic parameters).
  • Research of best available solvents into Processium solvents database in order to make a short-list of solvents to be tested at lab scale and to guarantee an exhaustively selection of solvent.
  • Validation of the best solvent at both lab and pilot scale.


The development of a solvent extraction process:

  • Selection of a solvent: yield enhanced of 20% compared to the solvent tested by the client,
  • CAPEX and OPEX optimized at a lowest level.
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