The Client is producing API using biotechnology processes. At a laboratory scale, Client develop required GMO for the production of a new product. On the basis of this proof of concept that biological pathway exists, Process has developed a methodology to define specifications required for the economic and technical validation of industrial production of this new product.


On the basis of its internal know-how on such a Project, Processium is able:

  • to develop a preliminary process flow-sheet for requested down-stream process,
  • to define with the Client the hypothesis in term of product productivity, purity, etc.,
  • to evualuate globally the economic impact of fermentation performances by the identification of the key parameters influencing economics.


The development of such a methodology allows Processium:

  • to identify critical parameters regarding technical performances,
  • to evaluate the criticity of each parameter,
  • to define fermentation performance to be reached in order to insure a fruitful industrialisation of the unit,
  • to prioritise parameters in order to build a realistic schedule for strain development.
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