A Client developed a bacteria which converts raw materials into organic acids and Processium designed and developed the process for DSP. First samples were produced at laboratory scale (around 100 mL) at Processium premises but 10 L were requested to allow the end-user to continue testing the bio-sourced product. To obtain this quantity, the amount of raw material is around 1 mwhich is too high regarding Processium equipment capacities.


  • Processium identified several potential sub-contractors for each step of the process.
  • Meetings were organized with the Client to compare the sub-contractors (availability, technical level, flexibility, price)
  • sub-contractors were chosen bythe client.
  • Processium wrote the production protocol and took part to the trial both to ensure the protocol was applied correctly and to capitalize information regarding product behavior and process performances.
  • Last purification was made by Processium on a highly efficient distillation column.


10 L of pure product were manufactured and Processium was able to complete the technical package of industrial process with relevant information about product behavior.

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