The Client is producing GMO microbes for industrial biotechnology market. The Project is to develop a methodology to be able to anticipate impacts of the new strains on existing down-stream process and the benefits brought by the said strains in term of production efficiency in comparaison with strain actually used on the existing process.


On the basis of available data on existing process (PFD, mass balance, operating conditions and sizing of process equipment, physical properties, etc), Processium is able to:

  • to develop physical properties modeling,
  • to simulate existing processium in order to validate mass and thermal balance,
  • to simulate process using new strains which lead to different fermentation performances and different broth composition,
  • to estimate and compare OPEX (and CAPEX if requested) of both processes,
  • to identify key parameters on strain performances that lead to an improvement of efficiency of existing process and possible cost reduction on OPEX.


The development of such a methodology allows Processium to identify which parameter is the key for its Client to select the best strain. Thanks to this information, he would be able to successfully switch existing microbe by its own one on its customer existing process.

In the present case, the key parameter is to minimise an impurity production during fermentation, knowing that the most costly part of the process is the removal of the said impurity by distillation.

Process units cost contribution
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