Our customer wishes to know the kinetic of deactivation of its catalyst under industrial conditions in order to adapt the sizing of corresponding process accordingly. In addition to this, the definition of the frequency of replacement of the catalyst was also an issue to secure productivity.


Test should be performed continuously over hundreds of hours on a reactive mixture under conditions which precisely represent the operating conditions (temperatures over 250°C and pressures of 6 bar).

The test needed to implement a dedicated bench to test the catalyst in continuous mode.


  • Design and development of a continuous reaction bench equipped with a tubular reactor working in conditions close to those of the process (6 bar and 250°C).
  • Regular sampling from the reactor for 30 days.
  • Analysis of the samples to obtain a follow-up of the kinetic of deactivation.
  • Definition of a reliable kinetic model integrating a term of deactivation.


Sizing of the process is adapted according to this new model. The frequency of replacement of catalyst is also defined on the basis of the model.

This model allows to secure the annual production of several thousand tons of products.

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