Our client, a manufacturer of synthetic oils, wishes to determinate the vapor pressure and the boiling point of oil’s constituents in order to design and optimize their production processes.


The challenges met in this project are the following ones:

  • Presence of considerable number of compounds in each oil, whose properties are unknown (high cost for carrying out measurements)
  • Difficulty of separation and purification of these synthetic oils: it is impossible to access to pure compound


The method of physico-chemical data prediction, specifically developed for this project, allows to free itself from properties measurement of these products. It consists in the following steps:

  • Definition of a customized decomposition method for these synthetic oils
  • Evaluation and sorting of available data based on the specifications. The e-thermoTM software developed by Processium allows to reach and sort out quickly the data
  • Development of the most performing model to represent the customer products
  • Validation of the reliability of the model
  • Development of the experimental design to strengthen the reliability of the model for certain types of molecules and extend the field of applications
  • Measurement of complementary data of vapor pressure and boiling point
  • Final update of the model


The use of this static approach allows:

  • A gain of time for the selection of the prediction model
  • An optimal selection of the molecules to characterize (pressure range of interest, distribution of functional group…) in order to improve the model

This model is currently used by our client for its ongoing projects.

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