The Client wishes to implement a new chemical reaction on industrial site under the SEVESO directive.

Processium brought them its know-how into thermal analyses to evaluate the risks of thermal runaway of this reaction.


The challenges met in this project are the following ones:

  • Non-available physico-chemical data,
  • Complex products implementation,
  • Measurements under pressure up to about 5 bar.


Processium carries out this study from drawing-up the specifications to the measurements of all properties:

  • Vapor pressure of reagents and products,
  • Thermal stability: decomposition temperature (Tonset), time to maximum rate (TMRad),
  • Reaction kinetics,
  • Reaction enthalpy,
  • Heat capacity,
  • Maximum Temperature of the Synthesis Reaction (MTSR),
  • Nature and gas flow released during the reaction.


The measured data define the level of criticality of the chemical reaction and equipment size to minimize risks.

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