Our customer wishes to know the solubility of a solid inorganic salt in an aqueous solution at 80 °C. The influence of pH of this solution on the solubility of the salt must be estimated.
Measures are led at 3 different hydrogen potential by going from pH 4 (acidic), pH 7 (neutral) and to pH 9 (basic).


  • Why do we speak about challenges? For two main reasons:The solubility of the salt in the liquid is very high. The first difficulty is to identify an analytical methodology adapted to the inorganic solid. ICP-AES had been selected as the most accurate technique for the analysis of this molecule and was successfully used.
  • Thermogravimetry study was coupled with a specific chemical analysis to insure reliability of the supplied results because of the combination of these two analytical methods.


  • We use an equipment able to realize measures at high temperatures until 150 °C.
  • The quality of the supplied results is validated by a repeatability procedure within the frame of REACH standards.


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