The objective of this study is to acquire data to design an extractive distillation process for separating light hydrocarbons.


A key element of success in the study is the measurement of vapor-liquid equilibria at pressures of 2 to 5 bar, to determine the liquid and vapor compositions in a mixture of heavy and light components (boiling point difference > 230°C).


We undertook this study by:

  • Developing efficient analytic methods,
  • Developing a suitable experimental strategy to acquire measurements in line with customer’s project and time constraints.


The measurements were carried out successfully in our labs, and Processium was able to provide:

  • A feedback on notable issues encountered, particularly degeneration of seals or corrosion problems
  • Data values which allowed our customers to better understand their process, and for the licensor to anticipate autonomously any future maintenances. A considerable profit in maintenance was achieved with this study.
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