Our client conducted a study of biodiesel conversion and separation in which our teams provided essential thermodynamic expertise for the design of the process.


The objective of this study was to obtain liquid-liquid-vapour equilibria measurements for a complex mixture. This study involved:

  • Thermodynamic measurements on viscous mixtures at high pressure
  • Very complex sampling protocol as a result of the differences in volatility of the compounds (methanol-glycerol) and the operating conditions

A complex analysis process due to the nature (vegetable oil) and the physical properties of the compounds


Processium successfully completed this study by using:

  • A customized experimental strategyallowing timely data acquisition in line with client project requirements
  • Objectivity and a wider perspectivein interpreting the obtained results to precisely understand the behaviour of client compounds.


The measurements allowed definition of the thermodynamic behavior of products mixture in a large range of temperature (60 to 200°C). This data acquisition allows client to successfully design its reactors.

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