Development and applications of computer model dedicated to REACH regulation - Call of Project FUI 17 - DAMIER Project (07/2014 - 06/2017)

The objective of DAMIER Project is to replace some of experimental studies currently requested for the recording of chemical substances according to REACH regulation by an IT modelling of the physico-chemical and écotoxicological data. This modelling is established on the use of QSAR models (Quantitative Structure - Activity Relationship), Read more ...


Efficient development of industrial chemical processes - Call of Project FUI 20 - DEEPER Project (10/2015 - 09/2018)

The objective of DEEPER Project is to develop services dedicated to efficient design of industrial chemical processes integrating innovative technologies targeting specialty and fine chemicals industries. Read more ...


Project methodology to develop intensification of processes - Call of Project ANR CD2I - PROCIP Project (01/2011 - 12/2014)

The aim of this collaborative Project is to develop a methodology of technical project management to be able to support the decision in the frame of the intensification of processes. Industrialy, the intensification of processes has to allow to decrease time to market for a product by designing the most optimal process in term of energy consumption, safety, environmental impacts, investment cost, etc. The main objective of the "PROCIP" Project is thus to develop of a general methodology dedicated to intensification of processes. Read more ...


Experimental study on refrigerant blends to replace R-134a in mobile air conditioning - Call of Project ADEME - MELCOO Project (2005) and F3PRG Project

This Project targeted refrigerant fluids replacement by more sustainable fluids. Processium brought its know-how on Computer Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) to successfully determine a list of possible product candidates.

This experimental study had been executed by CNAM_IFFI, RENAULT, PROCESSIUM and SPIREC (MELCOO) and CNAM, LISA, LOA, IMMOSTEF and PROCESSIUM (F3PRG).

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