The objective of DEEPER Project is to develop services dedicated to efficient design of industrial chemical processes integrating innovative technologies targeting specialty and fine chemicals industries.

The services will include the implementation of intensified technologies and will lean on digital tools and a technical expertise. The purpose is to adopt methods for the development of more afficient processes and the integration of process intensification. The time requested for the development can be reduced, while adopting technologies which will aim at a minimum environmental impact.

The methodology to support the choice of technologies will be developed by taking into account the combination of unit operations and the kind of activation. In parallel, studies will be led to validate the methods used for data acquisition. Then, the following step will be focused on the extrapolation by digital simulation. Finally, these methodologies will be challanged to existing examples of industrial processes to validate the industrial interest and the technical feasibility of the proposed solution.

DEEPER will be developed by a consortium managed by Processium, Optifluides, three academic laboratories (LGC (INP de Toulouse), LRGP (Université de Lorraine) and CNRS-LGPC. DEEPER will rely on the expertise of two international chemical companies.

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