The aim of this collaborative Project is to develop a methodology of technical project management to be able to support the decision in the frame of the intensification of processes. Industrialy, the intensification of processes has to allow to decrease time to market for a product by designing the most optimal process in term of energy consumption, safety, environmental impacts, investment cost, etc. The main objective of the “PROCIP” Project is thus to develop of a general methodology dedicated to intensification of processes. This includes the implementation of a software as well as its validation via improved experimental techniques.

To reach these objectives, multidisciplinary competences are necessary (process expertise, modelling know-how, competences in process intensification, project management skills and good knowledge of cost estimates). and its leads to the creation of a consortium made of:

Industrial Companies: Bluestar Silicones France and Rhodia,
SMEs: Processium,
Academic laboratories with complementary skills in chemical engineering: Nancy-LRGP, Toulouse-LGC, Lyon-LGPC.
The association of such skills dedicated to process intensification allowed to succeed in successfully industrial scale demonstration.

The Project was divided into three main technical parts:

Tools and methodology to measure basic data for chemistry and process knowledge.
Caracterisation of equipement in the field of process intensification: to issue standart methodes to compare performances of each equipment such as heat exchange capacity, mixing efficiency, mass transfer coefficient, etc.
Software to support the identification of Best Available Technology.

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