In 2016, DEINOVE obtained proof of concept for the production of carotenoid molecules from optimized Deinococcus strains:

  • 5 conventional molecules with known applications and identified markets;
  • 1 new molecule, Deinoxanthin, which must undergo characterization tests and a regulatory clearance before it can be marketed.

One of DEINOVE’s strategic goals is to market carotenoids in the form of ingredients directly to the industrials of its target markets. DEINOVE does not have plans to develop its own manufacturing facilities, but will subcontract production, including the large-scale fermentation, extraction, purification and formulation stages.

DEINOVE therefore chose Processium, an industrial process engineering firm headquartered in Lyon that works in the chemistry and biotech fields. The experts at Processium will have two major missions with DEINOVE:

  • developing and validating an industrial process for extracting carotenoids from the fermentation medium to obtain a marketable product;
  • identifying and selecting subcontractors who can start production quickly.

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