In November 2016, DEINOVE launched the shift from laboratory to industrial scale, accompanied by the company Processium* . The first phase of this program consisted of:

  • Selecting and characterizing a first carotenoid that will be market-ready, validating both its biological properties and its economic potential;
  • Optimizing the production strain and increasing the yields in the laboratory, with a view to obtaining a strain suitable for industrial production;
  • Evaluating the various extraction processes in order to define the best one in industrial production conditions.

This phase I has been conducted successfully.

  • A first molecule has been selected for its innovative feature, with the goal of obtaining a competitive advantage on the market. DEINOVE has demonstrated its total safety, but also its antioxidant and healing properties, which position this first molecule as particularly favorable for cosmetic applications.
  • The carotenoid-producing strain was optimized and tested in fermenters of up to 20 liters. The yields obtained were significantly higher than the target yields, ensuring the economic viability of the production process.
  • The work carried out with the company Processium led to the evaluation of various extraction and purification techniques available on the market. It is now necessary to validate the performance of these techniques in order to prepare the transition to the industrial scale. The first laboratory-scale tests yielded an extract with a purity level suited for an actual commercialization.

The quality of the results obtained makes it possible to start phase II of this program, which aims to validate all the technical conditions and to select the subcontractors best suited for production at an industrial scale. This phase II should continue until the end of 2017 and lead to the production of the first batches of this carotenoid.

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