Industrial Biotechnology: Design and Development of Process Units

Processium has developed a unique project execution methodology to secure the design and the development of your Down-Stream Process ("DSP"). Starting from the amount and the nature of the molecules of interest you have in the broth you obtain in your laboratory, Processium supports your Project team during all phases of the Project until its industrialisation.

Basically, the methodology developed by Processium can be divided into 4 phases:

Procesium phase 1 process synthesis

On the basis of available data (broth composition, physico-chemical properties of products, basic data from mass transfer and thermodynamics, etc.), Processium designs preliminary flowsheets, defines best appropriate technologies to be used and identifies key parameters to support the selection of the best DSP configuration. Technologies selection are conducted on the basis of an in-house expert tools developed in the frame of a collaborative innovation project (DEEPER). Several processes are proposed and compared, on the basis of criteria defined with Client: CAPEX, OPEX, robustness, Freedom To Operate, yield, purity, amount of waste stream, etc.


Simulation of process selected at the end of Phase 1 is developed and requested measurements and/or predictive models of physico-chemical properties of products are issued. On this basis, pre-design of industrial process is determined, including solvent selection. Possible specific consideration can also be issued concerning fermenters design.

Processium Phase 3 Experimental validation

Industrial process pre-designed during Phase 2 is down-scaled to laboratory scale in order to execute experimental tests requested to validate and to improve the process model. These tests, conducted in Processium own laboratory, allow Processium to both validate mass balance and supply very first samples of products to the Client. Effluents are also analysed in order to validate requested waste treatments. Running parameters of the process are also define as a basis for pre-HAZOP review.

Phase 4 Processium process technology package

The scope of this Phase is connected to how the Client wishes to develop the industrialisation of its Project.

Should Client wants to build its own industrial plant or a demonstrator to secure license content, Processium issues a Process Technology Package containing every data requested to start a detailed engineering phase: process flow-sheet, Mass & Energy balances, sizing of unit operations, operating conditions. Processium also supports its Client to manage the interface between engineering companies, suppliers and vendors.

To sub-contract production could also be the choice of Clients. In this particular case, Processium is able to support its Clients to choose the best contractor and to adapt the process to the available equipment at contractor site.

Our Key Elements of Success


CAPEX and OPEX estimates


A unique methodology to secure the Project development


Laboratory validation of process


A reliable model of process to anticipate industrialisation


Sample production 

Our Case Studies

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