Processium is able to support your Project team for the optimisation of your process units. Indeed, Processium is developing specific expertise to support the optimisation of fermentation operating conditions, the management of energy consumption, the debottlenecking of Down-Stream Process ("DSP"), the improvement of product quality and yield, etc.

Processium proposes innovative skills based on thermodynamics study of Down-Stream Process to reduce costs and improve performances, on the use of statistics to build reliable and accurate models and the development of dynamic simulation, and on the expertise in computational fluid dynamics ("CFD"). These IT tools are completed with Processium capabilities in measurements of physico-chemical properties of products, solvent selection and laboratory scale validation tests, conducted in Processium own laboratory equipment.

Our Case Studies

  • Optimisation of fermenters
  • Optimisation of DSP energy consumption
  • Debottlenecking of bio-based chemical production

Our Equipment

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