Property Measurements and Analysis

You need to identify, quantify and/or measure physico-chemical properties of your products: in its laboratories, Processium has developed for more than 15 years an expertise for the analysis and measurement of physico-chemical properties. Moreover, Processium is able to provide expertise around these particular measurements:

  • Melting and boiling points
  • Heat of phase transition
  • Vapour pressure
  • Density
  • Surface or interfacial tension
  • Viscosity, rheological behaviour
  • Heat capacity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Solubility
  • Solvent-water partition coefficient
  • Specific surface
  • Particle size distribution

Processium is able to develop reliable analysis methodologies like for example:

  • To identify and to quantify trace products (below 100 ppb),
  • To identify and quantify most of organic substances like fatty acids, alkohols, coumaric derivates, flavonoïds, etc.
  • To quantify gases and gas-liquid mixtures under pressure (up to 100 bars).

Processium also supports the development of quality control procedure by the implementation of analytical procedures and reliable measurement methodologies that provide reproducible results.

Our Case Studies

  • Salts solubility in water
  • Vapour pressure of various effluents at 25°C or 50°C
  • Density measurements of mixtures under pressure up to 200°C
  • Ageing tests on polymeric materials
  • Deactivation test on catalysts
  • Effluent sedimentation rate measurement
  • Determination of rheological profile of gels
  • Octanol-water partition coefficient of polymers
  • Very low solubility measurements (around 100 ppb)
  • Measurements of granulometry and particle size

Our Equipment

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