Oil & Gas: Development of new formulations

For 15 years, Processium has developed a substancial know-how on analysis of chemicals and measurement of physico-chemical properties of compounds. In addition to this, Processium has compiled a large amount of data on products (e-thermoTM) and developed a unique know-how on calculations, modelling and simulations of physical properties.

This combination of expertise allows Processium to support the development of new formulated lubricants and fuels, to initiate experimental protocol to qualify and quantify ageing behaviour of lubricants, etc.

In order to find a new product for a define application, Processium is capable to develop reliable modelling tools to simulate the behaviour of pure or formulated product to be developed thanks to reverse design methodology.

Our approach coupling, physical properties analyses, calculation, development of design of experiments and databases, enable Processium to provide services to develop or optimize formulations and their usage.

Our Key Elements of Success


In-house databases on chemical compounds


Predictive and statistic calculation tools


Laboratory scale dynamic ageing devices 

Our Case Studies

  • Lubricant selection for a process involving a Rankine cycle
  • Formulation of a SP95 like gasoline
  • Characterisation of a plant based lubricant (solubility, heat capacity, viscosity, thermal conductivity, etc.)
  • Development of a structure-properties model to lead the development of new products (reverse design methodology)

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