For your process design or optimisation phases, you need to secure your data on thermodynamics and kinetics. In its laboratories, Processium has a proven experience to perform thermodynamic and kinetic measurements and modelling of:

  • Fluid phase equilibria for mixtures
  • Gas and solid solubility measurements
  • Supercritical vapor-liquid equilibria
  • Homogeneous reaction kinetics
  • Heterogeneous reaction kinetics (liquid-gas, liquid-solid, catalyzed)
  • Heat of reaction

Operating conditions: 0.1 mbar < P < 200 bar,  -40°C < T < 300 °C

Processium is able to provide services for:

  • Measurements of physico-chemical properties requested for process design
  • Prediction of physico-chemical properties to correlate structure to performances to improve or accelerate product design.
  • Specific devices for stability or ageing of lubricants

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