The capitalization of knowledge, and in particular the management of products data coming from measurement and scientific literature, gives to enterprises an edge over its competitors. Data management becomes essential within your multidisciplinary teams, sometimes located in different countries. Giving a controlled access to all people working together improves effectiveness of your team.

To meet this challenge, Processium is developing a web-based data management system: e-thermoTM. Starting from a thermodynamic database, e-thermoTM secures today your knowledge and allows traceability and reliability of all of your physico-chemical, thermodynamic and kinetic data but also your Ecotox and security data for your products.

The e-thermoTM solution allows you:

  • to have access to a physical properties database on the pure products and mixtures (Henry V. Kehiaian database),
  • to insert, validate and sort out your own data within the framework of a tool which is specific your Company, your project team and your needs,
  • to estimate the reliability of your data and to compare them.
  • to preserve your knowledge on physico-chemical, kinetic and thermodynamic data and ecotox and security data of your products
  • to capitalise your data
  • to improve the productivity of your project team by sharing common data in a single web based tool,
  • to ensure traceability and reliability of data used for the execution of your projects thanks to the insertion & validation process integrated on e-thermoTM software

e-thermoTM also includes:

  • a module for multi-criteria advanced search,
  • a module for the diagnosis of thermodynamics for process development (thermodynamic properties database).

General Interface

interface e thermo processium data management furfural

Comparison between Correlations

interface e thermo processium vapor pressure

Comparison of Experimental Mixture Data

interface dataset e thermo processium

Data Reliability

interface e thermo processium physical values data management

e-thermoTM is an efficient solution for the management of products data coming from measurement and scientific literature. e-thermoTM already includes a module for multi-criteria advanced search and a second module for the diagnosis of thermodynamic data for process development. Other specific modules to capitalize your methodology or API (Application Programming Interface) allowing to reach the data from a third application can be developed by our IT team according to your needs.

Processium can also adapt the interface of e-thermoTM and create custom-made add-on modules to suit your needs. e-thermoTM becomes your tailored made software and improves its efficiency towards your project team.

Data Security

e-thermoTM insure the security of your data because:

  • data are stored in a Private Cloud Server located in France,
  • a certified encryption procedure (SSL) is used,
  • the management of users rights and access is managed by your Company,
  • test against hacking is provided by specialized independent company.

Should you need any additional information on e-thermo, do not hesitate to contact us