During DSP design, development or optimisation phases, reliabilty of thermodynamic data is a key issue. In its laboratories, Processium is able to develop reliable methodologies to make thermodynamics measurement like:

  • Vapour and sublimation pressure
  • Fluid phase equilibria for mixtures
  • Azeotrope determination (composition and temperature)
  • Activity coefficients at infinite dilution
  • Gas and solid solubility measurements
  • Supercritical vapor-liquid equilibria
  • Excess enthalpies of mixing

Operating conditions of these measurements cover a range of pressure from 10-4 Pa to 107 Pa, and of temperature from -40°C to 300 °C.

If requested by the project, Processium has also a proven experience in thermodynamic modelling and, generally speaking, of key physico-chemical properties requested for process design.

Our Case Studies

  • Prediction of physico-chemical data to characterize synthetic oils
  • Vapor-liquid-liquid equilibria of vegetable oil/methanol/glycerol up to 200°C for biodiesel production
  • Vapor-liquid equilibria of solvent and light hydrocarbons at 2,5 bar
  • Risk assessment of a chemical reaction thermal runaway
  • Thermodynamic data requested for the sizing of a purification process
  • Vapor-liquid equilibria of refrigerant mixtures up to 35 bar (PTxy)
  • Liquid-liquid equilibria of methanol/water/ether/salts at 1 bar (PTxx’)
  • Vapour-liquid equilibria of electrolytes systems at 50 mbar (PTxy)
  • Vapor-liquid-liquid equilibria of hydrogen sulfide/mercaptan/water at 4 bar (PTxx’y)
  • Activity coefficient measurements for screening absorption solvents
  • Gas solubility measurements of hydrogen sulfide in an acetamide at 25 °C
  • Enthalpies of mixing between acrylic acid and methyl ethyl ketone at 105 °C at 5 bar
  • Vapor-liquid equilibria of supercritical gases up to 90 bar (PTxy)
  • Vapor-liquid-solid equilibria of natural gases down to -40°C
  • Liquid-solid equilibrium and determination of eutectic composition down to -70°C
  • Solubility of inorganic salts in chlorhydric acid solutions up to 160°C (PTx)
  • Solubility of O2, N2, H2, HCl, Cl2, NH3, H2S, NOx, COin various liquids up to 30 bar (PTx)
  • Vapor-liquid equilibria of peroxide mixtures between 10 and 50 mbar (PTx)
  • Esterification and transesterification kinetic measurements up to 230°C
  • Measurements of kinetics for hydrogenation of alkenes at 20 bar
  • Measurements of Kinetics of Chlorination at -10°C
  • Pressure impact on azeotrope composition to design a pressure swing distillation

Our Equipment

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