Solvent substitution in a coating formulation


Our client need to replace its solvents in his coating formulation due to legislative changes. The alternative solvents have to keep the same physico-chemical properties of the formulation, or even is feasible to improve them in order to keep a competitive advantage on the market.

The project deals with many technical challenges:

      • Prediction of physico-chemicals properties on a mixture of solvent rather than on pure solvent.
      • Take into account interaction between solvents and polymers
      • Definition of solvent key properties in the final mixture.


For the research of alternative solvents mixtures, Processium has:

      • Characterized the client products: our expertise in modelling ensures a reliable prediction of key properties for the different solvents (viscosity, evaporation rate…)
      • Defined the specifications of the new solvent mixture (performance at least equal to the initial solvent mixture, final mixture cost, key properties for applications,…)
      • Selected a list of potential alternative solvents thanks to a statistical approach
      • Validated experimentally properties of these alternative solvents

Characterized the performances of the new paint formulations (resistance, brightness, elasticity, adherence…)


Replacement of solvent in the formulation allows to:

      • Replace solvents by less toxic one
      • Optimise the formulation to keep the industrial process equipement
      • Increase the performance of the final product
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