Solvent Selection/Replacement

During your process design and development, the selection of the most efficient solvent for both reaction and separation/purification steps is as important as the choice of your technologies. Processium is able to select and to short list these solvents and/or mixture of solvents thanks to a unique methodology that combines:

  • screening of dataset issued from an exhaustive in-house solvents database,
  • use of IT tools (e-thermoTM, Computer Aided Molecular Design) developed internally,
  • measurements of key parameters,
  • experimental validation procedure on our pilot scale units.

The same methodology is also adapted should you need to replace a solvent used in your industrial process.

Our Key Elements of Success


Expertise in Thermodynamics




Experimental Validation

Our Equipment



 Operating range:

  • Temperature: 25 to 90 °C
  • Pressure: 1 bar
  • Material of construction: Glass


  • Solvent selection for absorption and stripping processes

Liquid Solubility Cell

cellule solubilite retouche

 Operating range:

  • Temperature: 0 to 100 °C
  • Pressure: 1 bar
  • Material of construction: Glass


  • Determination of extractive solvent selectivity

Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column

colonne d'extraction liquide

 Operating range:

  • Temperature: 0 to 150 °C
  • Flow rate: 2 to 25 l/hr
  • Material of construction: Glass


  • Solvent selection for Liquid/Liquid extraction process

Adsorption Column

processium Adsorption column for solvent selection

 Operating range:

  • Temperature: 0 to 150°C
  • Batch or continuous
  • Material of construction: Glass


  • Solvent selection for absorption process

Distillation Columns

processium lab equipement

 Operating range:

  • Temperature: 20 to 250°C
  • Pressure: 1 mbar to 20 bar
  • Batch and continuous


  • Solvent behaviour during distillation process

Our Case Studies

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