The Client produces ester in a batch process (reaction + distillation column). Processium services were requested to enhance unit productivity by decreasing the duration of each batch. Improvement of co-product quality is also requested and part of the Project.


The first task issued by Processium was a statistical study on process data issued from SNCC to identify the reasons for dysfunction among all parameters (quality of reactants, temperature, stoechiometry, …). This study highlighted several parameters responsible of malfunctions of the unit. Thanks to the management of these identified parameters during production, productivity increased of 5%.

Following this first study, Processium conducted a new study based on kinetics and thermodynamics measurements, development of corresponding models and process optimization using ASPEN simulation.


Unit had been debottlenecked (10%) without investment, purity of the co-product improved (97% to 99%). In addition, Processium also proposed technical investments to reach additional 20% potential debottlenecking.

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