A Client had the Project to invest a new process unit able to produce 8 different products of the same kind. Its requests to validate its Project are:

  • PRODUCTS: set up of market specifications of 8 products (several markets to study),
  • REACTANTS: validation of availability, quality of required reactants, and identification of providers,
  • REACTION: set up of chemical routes, catalysts and operating conditions,
  • PROCESS: design and sizing of process.


Processium is able to manage the Project in termsof market study, chemistry and process design and development (kinetics measurements, modeling, process sizing and lab validation)


processium methodology


Within 6 months, Processium issued a Technical Package containing:

  • Selection of reactants, catalyst and operating conditions,
  • Specifications, reactants availability,
  • Set up of kinetics and thermodynamics,
  • Process sizing and choice of process equipment,
  • Laboratory validation of the designed and developed 5 steps process.
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