A Client’s process produces an effluent containing water and two solvents (including Ethanol). The Client asks Processium to design processes for Ethanol recovery on one hand, and both solvents recover on the other hand. The objective is to compare options:

  1. recover Ethanol on its own and the other solvent by a CMO,
  2. invest on new unit to recover both solvents on site.


After a process synthesis phase, Processium was able to propose three processes:

  1. Recovery of Ethanol at low quality and low costs.
  2. Recovery of Ethanol at high quality.
  3. Recovery of both solvents at process specifications. These processes are compared to custom manufacturing for solvents recovery.

The 3 processes were designed and compared: CAPEX, OPEX, and robustness vs. yield and purity.


On the basis of this processes comparison, Client had all informations requested to make its decision on the way this effluent will be managed.

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