A client has developed a new chemical product whose synthesis is carried out on Client plant. For a specific market, specifications of product requests a 95% purity, knowing that main by-product is an isomer of the product. Existing unit is not designed to reach such a purity.

Client request is to define technical feasibility of the purification and the sampling of the pure product.


Processium compared two possible purification technologies: melt crystallization and distillation. It appeared that vacuum distillation led to best results regarding yield and purity.

Using its own laboratory equipment, Processium distillated 5 kg of raw product on batch mode on a 30 theoretical stages column, at 5 mbar. At the end, 3.6 kg of product at 95.5% purity were produced.


Processium produced requested quantity and quality of product to allow its Client to supply the end-users for product validation.

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