Our client produces polymers by polyesterification on several sites all over the world. He wants to reduce esterification time by optimizing mixing of reactants and distillation of light products. This has to be done for each site.


Processium diagnoses the hydrodynamics regime of each reactor. Based on hydrodynamics regime and impeller design, Processium proposes other impellers. A sizing of each new impeller is proposed. Solutions are compared and ranked. A new impeller and its sizing is chosen with the client.

Distillation mode are not the same, depending on the site. Especially, regulation mode are not the same. Processium proposes a standard of regulation mode to ensure process robustness. A new packing is also proposed, to ensure distillate quality.


The process is optimized via change of impellers and change of distillation regulation mode. The result is a productivity enhanced by 30%.

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