As a result of legislative changes, particularly on environmental aspects, our clientwishes to replace the current antioxydant in its formulation.

This project enables our clientto improve the performance of itsproduct, to reduce the antioxidant lost during the production and hold a competitive edge in the market.


The technical challenges of this project were:

  • huge difficulty to measure product properties,
  • low availability of data in literature,
  • replace the antioxydant together with the improvement of final product behaviour.


The methodology defined by Processium for the successful development of the Project had been developed as follow:

  • to define technical specifications with client,
  • to identify of the driving forces to understand the physico-chemical mechanism of the final product,
  • to establish antioxidants corresponding database,
  • to propose substituting antioxidants corresponding to the specifications,
  • to test the new formulations for validation.


The new formulation is more sustainable than the original formulation and allows the reduction of the antioxidant losses during production.

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