The objective of the project is to identify a product or a blend of products to replace a liquid used in an optical device to:

  • limit the technical constraints on the selected materials,
  • improve the current performance of the device.

To be selected, the substitute needs to respect the following requirements:

  • to be miscible with the other compounds used in the device,
  • to be liquid on a wide range of temperature,
  • to have a low viscosity,
  • to be non-toxic, non-flammable,
  • to be available on the market at a reasonable price,
  • to have a refractive index and a dielectric constant adapted to the application


The methodology defined by Processium for the successful development of the Project had been developed as follow:

  • to define technical specifications with customer,
  • to establish a database for targeted properties,
  • to determine possible substitutes using CAMD (Computer Aided  Molecular Design)
  • to predict missing properties,
  • to propose substituting mixture corresponding to the specifications,
  • to realise tests for validation of the new mixture.


Thanks to Processium methodology, a short list of potential substitutes was established and industrial scale solution had been defined on the basis of laboratory validation tests.

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